Oil Sampling

Oil sampling, a test of functionality of your electrical assets

Knowing the condition of your valuable electrical assets is critical, to ensure their continued operation. But what is the best way to check this process? Introducing Oil Sampling! Oil sampling and testing, as the name suggests, involves the sampling and testing of the insulating oil is the simplest and most economical way to accurately determine the condition of oil filled electrical assets.

Our oil sampling service is a cost-effective process that provides our technicians with a view of the overall health of your transformer. With dedicated electrical technicians, who have extensive industry experience our oil testing service is conducted by an experienced professional and minimises downtime for your business or project. 

Vertex Power and Process is committed to providing reliable, cost effective and efficient oil sampling services. Our team has decades of combined industry experience, meaning we have the knowledge and ability to guide you through the details of the process from start to finish, ensuring all maintenance works are completed in a compliant manner. 

With our ability to use this innovative sampling technology, as a sound preventative technique in asset management and maintenance, the Vertex team can undertake a comprehensive assessment of your critical assets and construct a plan for their effective ongoing management. 

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