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Vertex Power and Process are experienced high voltage electrical technicians, understanding the importance of electricity assets to any business, whether a commercial or industrial operation, particularly in terms of maintenance and ongoing management, to ensure minimised safety risks, a reliable energy supply as well as the longevity of your valued assets. 

With over [insert number of years] years of experience in electricity asset management, including zone substation management, sub transmission management, distribution management and generation management, our dedicated and experienced team are your reliable, knowledgeable high voltage energy experts. 

The dedicated and reliable team at Vertex Power and Process, offer a comprehensive range of high voltage services, ranging from transformer maintenance, oil sampling, earth testing, creation, and implementation of maintenance plans, all of which are delivered with our collaborative non-nonsense approach and are focused on protecting and maintaining your electrical assets. 

With our customer centric approach, the team at Vertex Power and Process are the ultimate high voltage electrical partners for your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you manage your electrical assets.

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