Earth Testing

Earth Testing – Safety is key!

Starting a new project? Ongoing monitoring of the earth network is essential in order to maintain the functional integrity of your electrical system, with the design and installations requiring consisted expert commissioning with specialised equipment, by qualified technicians. Vertex’s comprehensive earth testing service is designed to assist with this process. 

The tasks of earthing installation and earthing testing are important in keeping people, electrical systems, and appliances safe, with earth testing essentially being the process where a qualified electrician will test the system to ensure that it is protecting the property. Identifying any leaks that may be present, which crate a risk to safety. 

When a leak in current or spike in voltage occurs, the electric grounding systems work to stop this high electrical supply. If someone touches these metal parts when the increase of electrical currents occurs, it can result in devastating effects. 

Vertex Power and Process is committed to providing reliable, cost effective and efficient Earth Testing. Our team has decades of combined industry experience, meaning we have the knowledge and ability to guide you through the details of the process from start to finish, ensuring all works are completed in a compliant manner. 

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